We are privileged to have several launching sites on the banks of the Lièvre River suitable for pontoon boats, rowboats and other watercraft including canoes, kayaks and paddle boards. We also offer you an original route on the water, from the municipal wharf on the Kiamika River, which will take you to our site on the banks of the Lièvre River. Consult our map.

Hiking trails (hiking, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing)

On our vast territory comprising several distinct ecosystems, we have created several routes for you to highlight the natural treasures our territory conceals. Choose a route suited to your aspirations and discover this magnificent ecological heritage. Consult our map before setting off on an adventure.


Various hosting sites are available to you. Check out their locations before booking your next getaway!

Hunting and fishing sector

With three lakes and 200 acres of forest, it’s a great playground for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Locate the various boat launches and sites available for your next bear or white-tailed deer hunting season.