Magi-K Getaway

Let yourself be guided

MAGI-K brings together a team of animators and guides to enrich your stay:
- Discovery of new territories
- The secrets of the fauna and flora
- Initiation to new outdoor activities

Life-size games

Choose a thrilling adventure to live with family, couple, friends or sessions for work groups (team building)
- Free yourself from routine
- Let your child's heart speak
- Reveal the superhero hiding in you
- Challenge the collective imagination

Are you ready to explore this new dimension?
- Missions and adventures available for travel from 60 minutes to 48 hours
- Scenarios available or to be designed according to special groups

Celebrate in style

MAGI-K also offers you an Events section.
Venue rental, with or without entertainment services, to organize family reunions, birthdays or celebrate special occasions.

Questions or information about our Magi-K Getaway

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