Nautik Escapade

Access and launching

Escapade Kiamika has three launching sites on the Lièvre River. The first one for fishermen and motor boaters; two new launching areas have been recently installed on the sandy banks of the Lièvre River and are reserved for kayakers, canoeists, windsurfers and inflatable boaters.

In addition to the river access, Pépère, Tomkin and Gaucher lakes are also accessible to kayakers, canoeists and windsurfers.

Fees for access, launching, and parking of vehicles are required.

New: Reserve your private beach or pergola to host your friends or family for the day.

Rates and reservation
Right of access and launching

1 day parking for one vehicle: $10
Vehicle + trailer for one day : $15.
Vehicle + trailer for 2 days: $20

Boats and water protection

Boats are waiting for you at Tomkin Lakes
and Gaucher. To preserve the silence and quality of the water, gasoline engines are prohibited on both lakes.

Boat and equipment rental

In addition to the boats, you can now rent brandnew canoes, kayaks and paddleboards for our guests. Possibility of a shuttle service down the Kiamika River to our site.


Guests of the Oasis Cottage located at Gaucher Lake have access to a beach and an exceptional swimming site with clear water. Guests of Tomkin Cottage also have a small private beach at their disposal and access to swimming at Tomkin Lake. All other guests and visitors can swim on the sandy banks of the Lièvre River and can reserve a small private beach for family picnics.

Excursions and river trips

We plan to organize whitewater trips on the Rouge and Petite-Nation rivers. To join the adventure or for an initiation, consult our experienced guide.

Descending on a tub

Discover the Lièvre River by floating down the waters in an inflatable tube.
Package available to drop you off at the top of the river for a descent of about 1 hour or more depending on your needs.

Questions or information about our Nautik Escapades

Contact us for more information!

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