Escapade Kiamika Outfitter

Active since 1938, the Pourvoirie Domaine Kiamika has long been a family business that welcomed enthusiasts and fine connoisseurs of fishing and hunting. After a few years in dormancy, the outfitter is reborn and joins forces with Escapade Kiamika, which will take charge of accommodations and the organization of new activities.

Easily accessible by a panoramic road, the 311, come and practice your favorite sport in a peaceful environment. Far from pollution and crowds, savour the nature and tranquility of the site. Three lakes and a river are available to fulfill your desires.

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Where to fish?

With our boat launch on the banks of the Lièvre River, anglers can discover sites that abound in fish, of which the walleye is the master. Fishermen can go up the river to Rouge or Guérin lakes. Others prefer to go down the Wabassee rapids to catch their fish.

On peaceful Lake Tomkin you will find magnificent specimens. The best fishermen always come back with a smile and great catches, including impressive pike.

At the far end of the outfitter, 3.5 km from the reception, the surrounding mountains shelter a pristine lake. Only our chalet serves as an oasis to welcome fishermen and accommodate vacationers. Some anglers catch great trout, but the bass is the one who loves to challenge any angler willing to compete in skill to catch it.

When to fish?

Permits and Regulations
Walleye fishing is open from the third Friday in May until mid-October.
For bass, you have to wait until June 15.

For dates and quota of all species, you can find the information on this governmental link. We are located in zone 10.

Of course you also need your Quebec fishing license. If you don't have it, you can buy it before your stay or on the way here. It is now also available on the Internet on My hunting and fishing file ( One license per angler.

New Kiamika by-law
Washing is mandatory if you wish to navigate on any waterway located on Kiamika territory. Use of the wash facilities is free of charge, and the user must take a wash certificate, print the date on it and keep it at all times. The wash station is located in the heart of the village of Kiamika at the municipal rest stop, 4 chemin Valiquette (next to the church), a 10-minute drive from this boat launch. We're counting on your invaluable help to protect our waterways from invasive species!

Preferred sites for hunting

The Lac Gaucher chalet is located 3.5 km from the reception and Route 311 on the border between the municipalities of Kiamika and Lac-du-Cerf. As the name of the neighbouring municipality suggests, white-tailed deer are ubiquitous in the area. The chalet can accommodate a group of up to 6 hunters.

Bear or white-tailed deer hunting?

Plan your hunting trip well

Our packages

Equipment Rentals


From $25/day

Rowboats, electric motors and batteries are available for our fishermen. The price is set according to the number of users and the duration of the rental. Starting at $25.


From $70

Package Descent of the Kiamika River, 12 km section (approx 3 hrs) from the wharf of the municipality to our site on the Lièvre River. The package includes a boat, shuttle service and parking your vehicle at the drop-off point. Swimming and use of picnic table included in the package.


From $50

Try as many boats (canoe-kayak-paddle boards) available for 3 hours for $50 including life jacket and paddles. Initiation package to navigation techniques, lake and river canoe. From $60 depending on duration and number of participants.

Questions or information about our packages

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