Nature Getaway

Hikes in the forest

This is a beautiful playground for exploring nature on a territory of 200 acres bounded by a river, three lakes, hiking trails and mountainous terrain. Several trails totalling more than 10 km will allow you to fill your lungs with pure air.
The trails are easy to access and loops will give you the opportunity to trace a route between 1 and 3 hours of walking with stops to admire the panorama.

Sports nautiques

We give you the chance to access several bodies of water including the Lièvre River as well as three lakes: Lac a Pépère, Gaucher and Tomkin. Fishing, outdoor and water sports enthusiasts will be spoiled.


Thanks to our launch on the banks of the Rivière du Lièvre, anglers can discover sites teeming with fish, of which walleye is the master. Fishermen can go up the river to Rouge or Guérin lakes. On peaceful Lake Tomkin you will find magnificent specimens. The best fishermen always come back with a smile and great catches, including impressive pike.

Road and off-road cycling

Cyclists can get to our site from the Petit Train du Nord cycle path. From Val-Barette, you can take route 311 to our domain or ask for our shuttle service to avoid the secondary road.

On our site, Fat bike and mountain bike enthusiasts can challenge themselves on the Montée à Jos Montferrand. From the Mitchell stream, sports enthusiasts can reach a trail on the Papineau-Labelle Reserve, very close to the Oligny sector.


“Stress and stress-related illnesses have become a huge burden on society. We are now turning to nature, this environment that has been familiar to us for millions of years, to find solutions. Nature-based therapies - ecotherapies - are preventive approaches aimed at reducing stress levels, improving quality of life and reducing the burden of stress-related diseases on public health services."
– Dr Yoshifumi Miyazaki
Forest bathing, the Japanese secret to natural health, ADA Éditions, 2018

A return to nature
Good health is a state in which an individual can fully exploit his abilities. The hectic life in an urban environment is not bad in itself, but our body needs nature to stay balanced. Poor sleep and the absence of respite and relaxation can generate an imbalance in the nervous system.

Meditation and yoga

Natural light, clean air, a peaceful place, these are essential ingredients for practicing your yoga, tai-chi sessions or simply for free meditation. Bring your mattress, we provide the rest.

Snowshoe walk

Several trails will allow you to explore the forest and its majestic beauty. More than 10km of trails adapted to your interests.

Nordic ski

Nordic ski enthusiasts will be happy to discover new territories on our winter roads and trails, in peace, exploring the lakes and the many hills of the surrounding area.

Dog sled

On the other side of the mountain, our friends from Expédition Rêve Blanc organize dog sledding outings on the territory of the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve. The site is quickly accessible via the Kar Ha Kon road a few minutes from the Estate. Book your excursion now!

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